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Emerald New Deal’s path to the November 2022 ballot is through City Council voting to place it on the ballot; therefore we City Councilmembers to sponsor it through the legislative process. After extensive community organizing to engage residents impacted by the War On Drugs in the development of the ordinance and outreach to City Councilmembers, in April Councilmembers Loren Taylor, Treva Reid, and Noel Gallo signed on to sponsor END. East Oakland communities were the most targeted and harmed by the War On Drugs, and we are honored that all 3 City Councilmembers representing East Oakland have joined together to support this historic initiative.

When presenting to the Rules & Legislation Committee on May 5 to formally introduce END into the legislative process, Councilmember Loren Taylor lifted up the thousands of Oakland residents who’ve supported END, “I want to acknowledge that this is a community-inspired, community-driven process and provide special appreciation to the proponents, members of the community who are the inspiration and the engine behind what’s being proposed in this legislation.” 

Endorsement Form for Organizations & Individuals

Endorsement Form for Cannabis Businesses

The Emerald New Deal (END) initiative has been endorsed by elected officials, community leaders, community-based organizations and over 1,200 Oakland residents including:

  • Loren Taylor: Oakland City Councilmember District 6
  • Noel Gallo: Oakland City Councilmember,
    District 5
  • Treva Reid: Oakland City Councilmember, District 7
  • Nate Miley, Alameda County Supervisor District 4
  • Dr. Noha M. Aboelata, MD
  • Cynthia Arrington, Sobrante Park Resident Action Council
  • Lailan Sandra Huen, Block by Block Organizing Committee
  • Rashidah Grinage, Coalition for Police Accountability
  • Toney Amaral, Dunsmuir Neighborhood Association
  • Hilary Crosby, former Controller, CA Democratic Party
  • Marquita Price, East Oakland Collective
  • Linda Handy, Board of Trustees, Peralta Colleges
  • Mark Williams, Board of Directors, AC Transit
  • David Kakishiba, Executive Director, East Bay Asian Youth Center
  • Deacons Hellen Harvey & Al Miller, Community Reformed Church
  • Andrew Park, Executive Director, Trybe
  • Charles Eddy, Urban Strategies Council
  • Miss Margaret Gordon, West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project

Organizational supporters include:  

  • African American Latino Action Alliance
  • Allen Temple Health & Social Services
  • Asian Pacific Environmental Network 
  • AYPAL: Organizing Asian Youth
  • BAY-Peace
  • Black Cultural Zone Community Development Corp, Life Enrichment Committee
  • Blink!Lab Collective
  • Coalition for Police Accountability
  • East Bay Community Law Center
  • East Bay Permanent Real Estate Collective 
  • East Oakland Youth Development Center
  • Eastside Arts Alliance 
  • Ella Baker Center for Human Rights 
  • Ground + Soul 
  • Latino Task Force
  • Mandela Partners
  • Neighborhood Housing Services of the East Bay 
  • Neighbors for Racial Justice 
  • Oakland Kids First! Coalition 
  • Oakland Public Conservatory of Music
  • Oakland Rising
  • Open Gate
  • RBA Collective 
  • Roots Community Health Center 
  • SABA Grocers Initiative
  • Showing up for Racial Justice
  • Sobrante Park Resident Action Council
  • Steps and Ladders 
  • Urban Peace Movement 
  • Urban Strategies Council 
  • West Oakland Environmental Impact Project

Current Cannabis business endorsers include:

  • Euphorium
  • Conscious Mindz
  • True Healing Collective
  • Optimum Cannabis Delivery
  • Meadow

END is a community-driven, people-powered initiative. Hear why Oakland residents support END: 

Carol, District 6

“I have lived in District 6 for 47 years. Our East Oakland community is dying from neglect. Of people experiencing homelessness 70% are re-entry, formerly incarcerated under the War on Drugs laws and have no catchall program to move them forward once they are released. I am in support of the END which will help rectify some of the ills inflicted on our Black and Latino communities by the War on Drugs. Living conditions in our neighborhoods are awful, filled with trash everywhere, with little or no economic base and no hope for future growth – these things need to be looked at with concern and compassion by the people who have the power to do something tangible for these communities. Please support END efforts to restore our communities to mental, behavioral, and environmental health. It’s just the right thing to do.”

Monica, District 4

“I am a Physician AssIstant and work at SFGH and have seen first hand the impact of the war on Black and Brown communities also known as the war on drugs. It’s clear now how racist policies and overpolicing in communities of color is at the center of the massive racial disparities we see now in health, wealth, education, life expectancy, incarceration, police stops and any other measure you can calculate. END is looking forward at ways to mitigate the consequences of our shared history” 

Veronica, District 7

“I’m an Oakland native and have lived in deep East Oakland for the past 58 years. I have watched the City of Oakland fight the War on Drugs and lose. I live in District 7, Treva Reid is my councilperson and we encourage our Council to support END so the visionary promises of legalizing cannabis can come to bear: drug abuse prevention, public safety, and economic development – so we can be able to help our communities.” 

Domenichi, District 3 

“While working with various youth for over 2 decades I have witnessed the impact that the war on drugs has had on children and families that were already struggling in marginalized communities. I support END because it is a path towards a more equitable Oakland by providing opportunities to support the individuals, families, and communities that have suffered the most under the War on Drugs.” 

Damon, District 5

“I’m a returning family member who was incarcerated in 1986, a drug user and drug seller. I support END –  I saw the money spent to knock us and put us in these positions and I ask City Council to push END forward and put it on the ballot as a good faith act, to act together and rebuild Oakland and put this money into restitution to the people who’ve suffered under the War on Drugs. So please push this issue so we can see the good, because we are home now.”

Hellen, District 6

“I am a resident of Oakland, born and raised and I am a proud supporter of the Emerald New Deal. I worked in the city of Oakland for the United States Post Office, I have seen the flatlands of Oakland, the abuse of the drugs within our city and how it has taken a toll on people of color. The Emerald New Deal is intended to fulfill the promises made to Oakland businesses and residents when we approved Measure Z in 2004, and then reaffirmed when we legalized marijuana use in 2016 with proposition 64, I want my city to have the moral courage to repair the harm it caused individual families and neighborhoods.” 

Alanya, District 4

“As a member of Neighbors for Racial Justice and a lifelong Oaklander, I am eager to see our city take brave action to repair the harm we have caused through the racist war on drugs. I am also very aware that as a white person, growing up in privileged neighborhoods in our city, I did not live in fear or experience harm from my own father’s use of marijuana. And this has been an unequal experience across our city and across our nation. I am eager to see our city right our wrongs, please support the Emerald New Deal.”