The Emerald New Deal (END)’s path to ballot is through a City Council vote, therefore we need City Councilmembers to sponsor the ordinance. In April 2022, Councilmembers Loren Taylor, Treva Reid, and Noel Gallo became END’s sponsors. East Oakland communities were the most targeted and harmed by the War On Drugs, and we are honored to have all 3 East Oakland Councilmembers joining together to co-sponsor this historic initiative.

When presenting to the Rules & Legislation Committee on May 5, 2022 to formally introduce END into the legislative process, Councilmember Loren Taylor lifted up the thousands of Oakland residents who’ve signed on to the END and helped shape the ordinance, “I want to acknowledge that this is a community-inspired, community-driven process and provide special appreciation to the proponents, members of the community who are the inspiration and the engine behind what’s being proposed in this legislation.”

The Emerald New Deal (END) initiative has been endorsed by several elected officials, many community-based organizations and over 1,200 Oakland residents including:

➢ Nate Miley, Supervisor, Alameda County District 4

➢ Noel Gallo- Councilmember, Oakland District 5

➢ Sheng Thao- Councilmember, Oakland District 4

➢ ROOTS Community Health Center

➢ Black Cultural Zone Community Development Corporation

➢ Charles Eddy (Urban Strategies Council)

➢ Charles Eddy (Urban Strategies Council)

➢ Dr. Noha M. Aboelata, MD

We call on all the city of Oakland elected officials, community based organizations, Unions, and residents to endorse the Emerald New Deal and be first in line in support of equity and justice in the city.

A complete list of organizations and the individuals who endorsed the Emerald New Deal is available.